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    I work very closely with a highly experienced coder. We have a one of a kind JS and we can make any JS you please. Our JS's are fully protected so no one can steal the JS or even see the code they will get a blank white page when trying to view it. We have JS's that have enable and disable options so you can disable certain functions and enable certain ones.

    To lease the basic JS is 200 a month. To buy it out it is 450

    To lease the advanced JS it is 500 a month. To buy it out it is 750

    For a Custom JS it is 750. We can do everything + more, you think of it we can most likely do it.

    PM Me and we can talk further and I can give you examples of the JS first.

    Beware you WON'T be able to find the JS code and copy it so don't waste your time.
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