Renewing with GoDaddy, changed WHOIS, shall I use DBP? Help needed!

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    Hey there,

    Have a problem here, hopefully you guys can help me out.

    I registered a year ago my money site with GoDaddy (didn't know better) and got my hosting with someone else. Now, I filled in the WHOIS information initially with fake data (for most of it) and it is now time to renew the domain name. I have since found that I am better off with another domain registrar who gives me free WHOIS privacy and now all my domains are with this other registrar, not GoDaddy. However, my good money site is still with GoDaddy and I don't trust them.

    My domain in GoDaddy needs to be renewed in these coming weeks. I wanted to transfer my domain to my new domain registrar I now use, so I recently changed my WHOIS details of my money site to the real me (my personal information) because apparently GoDaddy will check that you are the real owner if you are transferring your domain (since you're taking your business elsewhere). So, I put down all my correct personal details on the WHOIS of my money site, all with a smile on my face ready to transfer the domain.

    Thing is, if you change the administrator details (which I did), your domain is then put on a 60 day lock so that you cannot transfer it. Newbie mistake of mine plus GoDaddy doesn't make it easy to read small print.

    Current situation:

    - I have to renew my domain in these coming weeks. It is my money site, I don't want to screw around with it, I cannot lose it.

    - My real WHOIS details are now public, which I don't want them to be public even though I don't do black hat, I just don't want my public details out.

    - GoDaddy offers Domains By Proxy (DBP) for WHOIS privacy (as most of you know) which I have heard a lot of bad reviews from. Apparently they charge you whatever fee for the year ($9.99 something like that) but then they charge you for administration, about $15 (can someone confirm this). The usual shady business of GoDaddy.

    - My favorite domain registrar offers free WHOIS protection and I trust them. They are very keen in me taking my business to them.

    What can I do?

    I am thinking of the following options:

    1) Renew today/tomorrow with GoDaddy and put WHOIS privacy by DBP. Wait the 60 days lock and then transfer to my new domain registrar. This will be costly but will put my contact details immediately on private (or so I hope).

    2) Leave my contact details public, renew now, and hope no one uses my details in those 2 months. Then transfer to my new domain registrar who will give me the free WHOIS by just being with them.

    3) Renew with GoDaddy, put DBP and forget about transferring to my new registrar. Hope that GoDaddy and DBP behave and don't do silly stuff (they screwed me up before, don't trust them).

    Which of the 3 options is the best? Are there any better solutions?

    Also, I am aware that sites like domaintools will scrape the WHOIS database, how long do I have until domaintools grabs my personal details? I made the WHOIS changes yesterday.

    I'd appreciate any input or help.

    Thank you, gentlemen.
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