Remove Trojan Redirects To Pay-Per-Click Sites

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    For those who are unaware, there's a new trojan reported in Symantec and Microsoft that redirects any browser you're using (e.g: Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) to a pay-per-click site called But unlike other spyware, this one is undetectable by Malwarebytes, Avast and AVG.

    The punchline? If you search for methods on removing the virus on Google, it appears the developers of the culprit outsourced someone to spam websites with fake ways on removing it thus, resorting for the victim to download a fake anti-virus scanner.

    So how do you consider this as a blackhat technique?

    Note: After searching deeper, I found a legit guide from digitalspy forums on how to remove this spyware on your system using Microsoft Security Essentials. Source: