Reliable Host that Take Gift Visa Cards?


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Mar 6, 2010
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Tried with hostgator but it seems like they will only let you through with some ID - they request this after the sale goes through.

Anybody know any hosts that are reliable above all else but can easily be purchased with giftcard visas bought at the store?

I tried using a gift card with Godaddy and they also dont allow me to purchase unless I give in some ID or something.
I know some good offshore hosts/vps/servers that take payment with anonymous visa vanilla cards but you have to connect the cards to Paypal (just set up a fake one). I have 2 anonymous $50 visa vanilla cards for sale that have never been used. I am selling them for $75 each. I have more cards available upon request in higher values. With these cards and my offshore connections you can set up a 100% bullet-proof anonymous offshore network for whatever you need (and my hosts are very very cheap). These cards are also useful if you wish to make anonymous payments to companies based in the United States with or without Paypal. You can use ANY fake name and address for billing address. After purchase I will immediately send you my list of offshore hosts that you can use these cards with, and also an image of the front and back of the card so you have all the info to use the card online. PM me if interested.
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