Released A Successful WSO Before? READ

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by dreadnought2020, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I'm looking for someone who wants to JV on a WSO release. The reason I wanna JV is because I'd rather do my first release with someone who has learned the ways and means of making it a successful launch.

    I have nearly finished a killer product which I think will sell extremely well. It's something I use (whitehat) and therefore isn't a crappy WSO based on theory. It's based on experience.

    I'm considering adding a related OTO as well to try and scrape a few extra bucks per person. I don't see it failing really. I don't want to talk too much about it in public. I know buyers will be very pleased with what they receive too.

    I do have some requirements for whoever I JV with:

    - Must have proof of a successful WSO launch.
    - Must have a decent rep on WF.
    - Must have a decent rep on here (no 5 post newbies please).
    - Must be using Warrior Plus (I wanna run an affiliate program as I will be contacting people with large lists who will email this out once sales die down on the thread).

    I know there's a fair few requirements but I want this to be successful for both of us.

    Please PM me with proof of a successful launch. I won't be discussing the money side unless you 100% qualify and seem like the right sorta guy (or gal!).

    I'm looking to get this launched asap - within the week or even days. No time wasters please - no PM's saying "I haven't done it before but please give me a chance" because I'm not taking any risks. This isn't a rubbish product I'm throwing together from PLR or a mixture of WSOs.

    Cheers guys. Off out for a meal with the missus so won't be replying for a little while.