Registering a domain somewhere other then your web host?

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    Last time I tried this, I picked up a "coupon" for a 99c domain from and hosted it on godaddy. Only kept charging me $3.00/month for a year. When you add that up it's ridiculous price of like 36.00/year, what a scam. Luckily that credit card expired and I just never renewed the domain.

    I shopped around for my current host for a while (inmotionhosting) and got a free domain with my 1yr, but now I want a few others. Some are in competitive niches and I want the .co extension as that's all I can get but my host doesn't sell .co addresses.

    I'm looking to buy for less then 10.00/year, from someone who sells .co extensions, I have already used all my GoDaddy coupons so they won't give me any more discounts I don't think.

    Have you ever had that where you buy a cheap domain somewhere, host it somewhere else but get continued backcharges to your credit card?

    Also I am curious about privacy protection for my domain, I don't want people looking up my domain and seeing my First, Last name that I used with my credit card. I'll be starting a site related to my RL job and while I might be paranoid, I simply don't want my online name in any way associated with my IM efforts whatsoever. When I got my domain with IMhosting they didn't put my address and phone number on the domain, but even when I do a /whois search with privacy protection enabled it still shows my first and last name on the domain which I don't want.

    Cliffs: Would like to register a .co address on someone other then inmotionhosting, host it on my inmotion account, not pay any additional fees. I budget about 20-22 dollars for a year provided I get domain privacy registration, otherwise I pay no more then 10. I also read the fine print and won't buy a "cheap" 1 year domain at 3.00 only to be rebilled next year (and every year after) at 15-30 or whatever they want to charge (cough domains at 36.00/year)

    Sorry to sound demanding I'm just frustrated with past experiences. Any help much appreciated! :)
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    Perhaps this could help? Just above the 10 limit you set but the privacy protection is free. Didn't check if it is possible to keep it fully anonymous on that tld.
    Keeping hosting and registration separate is advisable. The link I gave you doesn't give fake protection like some do. Can't help you with the rest of it.

    Good luck.
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