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    One of my friend is having a website. So he is having a specific requirement about redirection of his website.

    He want to redirect to his website to a different website after few seconds of opening his website. And he want that google and bing bots wont able to track that he is redirecting his website to another website. Also he don't want to add <nofollow><noindex>. As he wants to allow all search engine to see his page except redirection. So, i suggested him to use code at <meta> and allow auto refresh say after 10 seconds. But he said if he will add that meta into his website <head> then search engine will easily come to know that he is doing redirection.

    So basically he want to redirect his website after say 10 seconds where neither he want to use code at page source nor he want to add noindex, nofollow his website. He basically want to hide the redirection technology from google and bing search engines bot.

    Dear friends, is there any specific solution for the above requirement. Please help me out. I believe i will get the exact solution from the geeks out of here. Basically he wants to run tech support blue screen popup process.

    Thanks in advance
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    You could use a php script which checks the useragent, if it contains bing or google or something broader like "bot" then don't redirect, if it contains anything else then do the redirect.
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    You have to use Java script for your site at different domains.
    It'll help you a lot in working of your site.