Redirection Issue affecting my ranking :(


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Feb 27, 2019
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Hello BHW,

I have been trying to rank to competitive commericial KWs under a niche since September 2019 been managed to settle at 3 position outranking local competitors like amazon. Since I have niche specific website which only talks about my related products.

It was ranking quite well but after till last month july 2020 stabled at 3rd postion since it was low competitive niche(as my competitors had less knowledge on SEO they were completely relied on ads). So I decided to go after woocommerce based product style to improve my page User and loading speed(since i have 0 knowledge for coding).

Since my CTR was very which is 3% so decided to improve that based snipets rating reviews etc etc. as I was desperate to remove warnings and errors on products sections of google console which was haunting me with fear of penalty since 4 months for now.

After a month of struggle with my website is completely clean with errors. So finally decided to redirect to slightly variations in characters in url structure but not exactly the same. Later on after a week google pushed rank 4 position down for pages of my main target KWs with same Meta title description and same as previous url structure :`(

Also both url are indexed and being shown separate one after another which should not happen actually after 301 redirecting. I dont understand where is problem happened and google is not considered or catching my new page even both are exact same page. Since I am only focused to my new product page wanted google see my old page as new.

Please help me out regarding this issue. :weep::weep: