Reddit Contributors Program - Anybody joined and earning from it?


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Jun 25, 2010
Reddit now allows you to earn real money from your posts.
Exempt from their program:
Now redditors can earn real money for their contributions to the Reddit community, based on the karma and gold they've received.


  • Green chat bubble with white checkmark
    Qualifying redditors complete the verification process to join the program.
  • Chat bubble, photo, and a gold upvote
    Redditors give awards to posts and comments they think are really worth something and contributors earn gold.
  • Upvotes and money flying out from behind a gold upvote
    Contributors receive a payout once minimum gold and karma thresholds are met.
  • 3 podiums of different heights with hearts on top of each
    Top contributors make top dollar. The more karma and gold contributors earn, the more money they can receive.


Not just anyone can be a contributor—to join, and stay, in the program contributors need to meet the requirements in the Contributor Terms and Contributor Monetization Policy.

  • Calendar with a date marked with a dollar sign
    Earn 1,000 gold and 100 new karma after earning your first gold
  • Passport with a globe in the shape of a Snoo head
    Live in a supported country and be 18+ years old (or the minimum age in your country)
  • Wax seal in the shape of a Snoo
    Successfully complete the verification process
  • 18+ in a white diamond with a yellow border
    Only Safe for Work contributions qualify for payout
  • Clock with hands at 11:05
    Account age must be 30+ days old

Unfortunately, I can't remember the last time I've received gold or silver from reddit posts, so I don't qualify. But, did some BHW member join the program?
Is it worth is?
What's the average earning per day?
Any hints how to join it - karma farming, buying awards from panels, etc?

Very limited country list
so im not from there
Basically getting tips from people then Reddit gives you those tips.

This is not "monetization".

If I get it right, Those Gold thing in the equation is their main model, the other words are just thrown in to make it look attractive
I am not eligible, though my reddit account has good reputation, not sure, may be, available only in tier 1 countries? any clue?
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