Recyclix Investment and referal program free 20 with refered sign up

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    Join today via my ref link On my profile page/ /not here long enough to post url in tread// and earn free 20 to start

    quick tutorial
    free 20
    buy waste 20 worth
    when it reaches ground material click recycle
    when it reaches granuals your waste is worth 80 but you only earn 25% of a complete cycle, so click restart and your 80 will buy 80 worth of waste
    when it reaches ground material 2nd time click recycle
    when it reaches granuales 2nd time click sell and you will be paid 25% of 240 earned or repeat the process for even better earnings

    It is free to start but a deposit will make things happen faster

    look into buying shares later in forklits crushers ect.. each share has unique bonuses per share, Not really worth buying share until later in the game