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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by emerica1184, Jan 20, 2011.

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    incoming rant

    I'm tired of the recycled s*** that keeps going around. I'm fairly new to IM and every time i find something that sounds remotely interesting, I find out that it has been around since 2007 and ceases to make money anymore. Sure you might say that if it's being recycled, that it does in fact make money, but every damn post i see is about how it doesn't work anymore. The worst part is, most ideas that I come up with myself, turns out they have been already beaten to death by people 8 steps a head of me. So i guess my question is, what generalized money making methods are still feasible in 2011?

    /end rant
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    Blogging for money.
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    LOL that rant must have let out a lot of steam. Well anyways I've got to give you an applaud that you actually are taking your time to find the best stuff out there. I commend you for that but now I'll list some stuff that works to make money NOW!

    1. Making and monetizing blogs.
    2. Selling cheap manufactured stuff on ebay.
    3. Some affiliate programs like AdSense and AdBrite work amazingly well and they are legit.

    PPC Affiliates I would try to avoid though. If your doing that your either desperate or have no clue. They are a waste of time and pay very small. Also most are rips and are not actually legit. I avoid those sites.

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    Ya i have not seen any creativity coming out of this section. The only new things i see are about gambeling.

    Time to step up our game guys. Im come back to this forum i would love to see us come with some recession busters.
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