Reconsideration Request failed - Should I stop Article Samurai?

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    Hello all,

    This is my first thread ever and thought to share a recent experience I had with a manual penalty and a reconsideration request I got today as well as asking you guys for an advise moving forward.

    One of the new clients got a manual penalty few weeks ago. i did a link analysis and found out that previous SEO created lots of directories with various EMDs for targeted keywords and cross linked tens of thousands of times to the clients web page. In honesty from 250,000 links I doubt that more than 400-500 were actually good links. I took the directories down, cleaned the profile, removed web 2 properties, I must have spent 5 days with the end result being a total loss of 70% of referral domains and links (see pic).

    I wrote a 4 page detailed reconsideration request, submitted the disavow tool and hold tight.

    I got a response from Google today (8 days after the reconsideration submission date) saying the following:

    We've reviewed the links to your site and we still believe that some of them are outside our quality guidelines.

    Sample URLs:

    * I removed the exact urls as it is a big company we represent and they are all over about this on the net now.

    All 3 links are from Article Samurai and I am pretty sure other clients we have have links there too.

    While I am pretty sure that the reason they point out these sites are because of the "manual" aspect of the penalty and now they become picky. If I do what they ask then I will end up with 0 links so I think the better root is to totally abandon the domain and go for a new one.

    The question I have is: Do I stop spinning articles from Article Samurai? Or was this an exclusive case due to the manual penalty? 2 out of the 3 above mentioned directories have good PA and DA as well as decent PR.

    Any advise on this (or similar experience) would be appreciated.

    have a good day!

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