Recommended or Favorite reads for a beginner?

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    I've just finally been able to afford my dream car (a used SS 5th Gen Camaro) but I've only driven it for a few months and now that I had to borrow two grand from my father (paid over 20k for it) I need to pay it back and I also need to maintain it, it also runs about 13mpg and unfortunately, my main source of income just stopped PERMANENTLY- To put it frankly, I have to sell my dream car that I had so many plans for and years saving up to because I can't pay gas and food.

    My problem aside, I'm relatively new to this forum (don't mind my user date) and there is so much information here I don't know where to begin, can anyone recommend a place to start or your favorite guide? What subforum should I often check for methods that I can customize myself.

    I'll take any advice you can give me.
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    Are you new to making money online or is that where you got all your money from before? If so, what niche was it in and what niches do you have skills/experience in?