Recommendations for Premuim Technical Content?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by darkfury, Nov 15, 2012.

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    I'm revamping an old business that sells very specialized video hardware.

    I need a significant amount of premium content for use on the site, online and offline marketing - Has anybody any experience with or can recommend a person/company that can handle technical content? I'm expecting to pay through the nose so price isn't a major factor.
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    Notice you're in the UK, OP. I know of a few people who have used: before and were happy with the results. Not done myself, and I can't say whether they'd do your niche justice and I'm a little put off by the fact they label themselves as an "SEO Copywriter" - makes me fear they'd keyword stuff and not actually write for a user, which I'm guessing you'll want?

    I have personally used, however: - London based, been around for yonks with some high profile companies. Whether they have anyone for your needs, again, I can't say. But I'd start with them, ask them for an honest opinion, see if they can recommend someone else (they did this for me once on a very specific subject), or maybe do a profile search for former employees on LinkedIn and see if they're offering freelance work.

    Good luck OP! Sounds like you've got a good business on your hands.
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