Recommendations for a good dedicated server host for mass mailing?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by JJohn, Jan 8, 2016.

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    I'm just starting out in my new mass mailing career. After much reading I decided I'm gonna use TEAR. As someone who has never used any sort of dedicated server or mailing program, I find all this information overwhelming, but I'm diving in head first. I have never used a dedicated server in my life and have no clue how it works, I'll figure it out, but now I just need to know a good one that is recommended by BHW for some serious mass mailing. I already know I need TEAR for $70 per month, Scrapebox to scrape my emails, an SMTP provider and now a dedicated server. I'll probably run into more costs as I learn more and I might need to also buy some mailing lists (I have no clue if scrapebox will actually work for my strategy).

    I have 5K to burn before I hope I can turn a profit (hopefully before 3 months). I got a full time job that pays well but way to boring for my taste, and I've been slacking on and off for 6 years on this forum, this is my real first attempt to showing a profit.
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