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Recommend link building and social signal services?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by srcnix, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. srcnix

    srcnix Registered Member

    Oct 3, 2013
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    Hi guys and girls,

    Right, as it stands I have spent the past month building tier 1 links through Ultimate Demon, I haven't moved onto tier 2 and 3 yet as I planned to do so this weekend through GSA.That was, at least, until I realised I need to spend more time actually blogging (helping people) than SEO.

    I'm quite specific about quality, and I hand spin (2-3 hours each) each article that I write and check over 20 spins to ensure they are coming out "perfectly". With writing for my blog, plus doing this, well it's becoming a heavy task. I've got the experience of tier 1 links now which is great but I am planning on actually using a service instead.

    Currently, I am trying to rank 2 URLs, but have 14 in the back log. All keywords/phrases are low competition and range anywhere from 300 searches a month to 22,000.

    I am looking for a link building service as well as a social signals service that has emphasis on quality. I'm not just looking to rank for a few months, I am looking for an overall great rankings and will put money where my mouth is to get the best I can afford. On that note, this is actually for a non-profit blog designed to help people with a disorder in which I have, and thus my own personal money is going into ranking it.

    Here are some specific requirements I am looking for in these two services, ideally.

    • Access to tier 1 accounts (Login credentials, email if possible but not mandatory)
    • Tier 1 articles (etc) to be placed on relevant properties
    • Results, I want to see proof the service does work and is Panda and Penguin friendly

    Other niceties:

    • The option to have articles spun for me would be great, but I need to be able to provide my own (you could say I have trust issues on quality)
    • The more control I have over what happens, the better.

    Social signals are important, I know this and have proven this, so any recommendation on a good social signals service that is out there?

    I mentioned I have 2 URLs I wish to be indexed, both with 5 keywords each. Now I can either do this myself and buy all the required software or I can find a service and hand it all over to them. My budget is as follows:

    • Initial hit (For 2-3 URLs), hitting it hard: $300.00 (Can possibly stretch to $350-400 if highly recommended)
    • Monthly thereafter (looking to rank 2-3 URLs a month): $100.00 - $150.00 - I really, really cannot go over this.

    On a final note, as I have already setup my tier 1 properties for one of the URLs, does anyone know a very good tier 2 and tier 3 service available?