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Oct 8, 2015
alright so, i haven't done this in a while, but about 7 months back I had been dabbling in IM.

I came across a method that I thought would be decently easy. well, it wasn't.

My twitter has 40k followers and it has grown despite me not posting since April.

It is in the porn nice, but i do not want to be in the porn niche.

I guess im struggling with whether or not I should try to make the porn niche work, or whether I should just try to rebrand my twitter.

Is it a pain in the azz to do so? will i lose my followers? losing some is ok, but using that 40k as a platform to jump off will be easier than starting a twitter from scratch.

i guess what i'd do is delete the content and then start promoting whatever i want.
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When you rebrand a twitter profile, your followers don't get a notification about it. So they probably won't even notice you've rebranded. However, to avoid losing followers you should rebrand to something that would still be relevant to your niche group: men (specifically horny men). Rebranding to weight loss, gym, games, dating, would probably still work with those followers.

That being said, you would be very dumb to rebrand. You say you got to 40k despite a lot of inactivity. That tells me you could easily raise it to 100k if you were to put work into it. So why fix something that isn't broken? You have struck gold. Don't throw it away. If you don't like the porn niche, you'll start liking it when you see the $$$ rolling in.
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