Really Need Your Help! Wordpress Question Running 2 Sections? + Rep Given.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by weruncompanies, Oct 22, 2012.

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    My biggest site to date, and need a little help here.. I have the homepage/inner/cats all setup fine. But now I need to add another section that acts as a category page.. Kind of like a Pinterest add-on section for my site. Now this is all possible I'm told, but those posts will still show up on the homepage for the Pinterest-like section.. Is there any way to prevent that?

    I thought about making those posts from 2004 by changing the date so they don't show up, and only appear on the last page.. But I'm trying to avoid that. Any other ideas?

    Is it possible to install another wordpress site (2 on a single domain) just for that section? Would that work? Again I don't want the homepage to show up for that add-on though. Duplicate content problem..

    If there was a way to click "hide post from homepage" that would be incredible.. So I can keep the pinterest stuff on that area, and the real long article stuff on the homepage as normal.