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    This is actually my first post here. I just wanted to introduce myself before I proceed with this topic. My name is Cody and I have extremely bad social anxiety. I am on 3 different medications and it's made the anxiety a tad better but the side effects are putting a toll on me. I am hanging in there the best I can. I have been told I can apply for disability but I didn't want to. I want to get better and succeed. I just need to overcome some things in my life and find the right medications for me. If I don't take any medications I have panic attacks daily, and it is not fun. I feel like I am going to pass out all the time. I will never give up though. I know about these forums because I used to be into internet marketing and such... I never succeeded in it. I maybe made ten bucks and the site turned out to be fake or something.

    Basically, I need money. I am willing to do anything for anybody. My knowledge is very limited. As far as knowing how to make money online? I am clueless. But I can do basic tasks for people if they need anything. I really just need to make some cash. I need gas for my car (when I can even go outside on good days) I got a cat to take care of and so many other things and I cannot hold a job right now. It's my goal to become extremely successful, but right now I am willing to work online for anybody regarding anything they need. Thank you all so much.