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    I am planning to make membership site with Adobe After effects training videos. Planning to make about 100 videos. Maybe can you give me some advices about training videos. What people want , what after effects topics are most popular and people willing to pay for what lessons? I am having good friend who can make proffessional training videos,but I don't know what types of videos are best for paid membership site. Please share you opinion from buyer side. If you need and want to learn adobe after effects, what makes you pay for memebrship ?

    thanks and hope you understand my quastions
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    I learned the basics of AE from videocopilot(dot)net . And If I would need to increase my knowledge for making my own AE stuff, I will sign up in lynda(dot)com, you can get a lot of training not only for AE, aetuts it's another membership training site (from Envato marketplace - videohive is part of them). My advice is to check these sites, they already studied what people are looking for in the AE market....I guess you will have some ideas :)

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    You always want to know your target, id focus in 2 different branches, totally noobs and pro's here's why. When you dont know stuff about an app you need a step by step tutorial, that's where you enterm you give a totally dummies videos so you can totally cover that target. Once you're used to the tools and stuff people tend to start learning by themselves, and they will it they're a little clever, but there's some stuff you just can't learn from youtube, that's expertize and if you got it then you're good to go.