Realationships Are More Important Then Money !

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    I started my online bussiness not long ago.Got decent success in my business.But while sitting alone today and thinking what I have achieved..I really felt that i am a changed man and the change is not good in me.I have become a bit more arrogant with my family and friends...Certainly this is not what I wanted to be...It felt really bad to me that how i behaved with all those people who are always eager to help me in need and now I dont care for them....Surely from now onwards I will change and the change will be good one.
    I know most of you people are senior to me in experiences,age and bussiness.But its my request to everybody to be nice with your family and friends however rich you may become .Otherwise one day some of you might feel the same way as i am feeling.
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    No actually money DEFINITELY changes people. I remember when I made my first dollar.. I was changed :)
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    Once you start making a lot of money, you go out more and then you meet with more people who are successful and have financial freedom like you. Your old friends cannot afford your new lifestyle and you don't want to go back to that old life style. So this creates a conflict with your old buddies. You can still hang out with them once in a while but most likely nothing will be the same as it used to be. Some of your friends will envy you and start acting weird or will try to take advantage of you. They will start acting like a crack whore and be demanding, and will think they have the right to do this just for the sake of good old days.

    Every time you chance something old in your life, either a watch or your old beater or your studio apartment, it will take you one step away from your old life. And this will change the dynamics of your old relationships. Although you are still the same person, they'll think you're not. Because you won't be sharing the same problems with them anymore. Now you can afford things that they can't, you can charm and influence the girls you want and you can afford staying at home all week doing nothing, while they can't.

    Maybe you can afford paying for the bottle service, or taking them out to nice restaurants, trips to Vegas, NY all on you. But sooner or later, they will start feeling uncomfortable. You will have new expensive habits and you'll be busy making money. One day, you'll realize that you have nothing much left in common other than good memories you have from the good old days. While they are living the dream with you, you'll know deep inside that you're the dream itself.

    I can understand this and it is unfortunately inevitable. But i can never understand being mean to your friends or to your family just because you are making money. That's not right. If someone would do that to me, i would just tell him to screw himself, take those hundred dollar bills and shove it up in his *ss." I hope they didn't say something like that.

    It is good that you understood your mistake. You should apologize for what you did and make it up to them. Not tomorrow, not now. Yesterday.
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    I know you were more talking about family relationships and stuff but this still has a little relevance.