Real quick question about webcam IM

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by joedeertay, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I'm extremely sorry if I am breaking any rules, I know that the E-wh*ring board was deleted and this is not necessarily about that. Anyways, please delete if I am breaking any rules or...anything. thanks

    Hey, I'm going to be very general and vague with the hopes that the guru's will understand. Yes I am still very new to IM.

    I have software that can record/save/edit any webcam video i.e. myfr**cams.

    Now, a site like this is legit, and people comment/post request etc.

    Would it be smart to somehow flip these vids/comments into my site/youtube/ehoring in if I could take my time, edit, etc.

    Thanks again guys, you all have helped me in IM so have no idea