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    I will tell you a few different ways which are very effective.

    1) WeFollow - This is a twitter directory. You can add yourself here, and you need to provide 5 keywords, as well as your location. Put 5 keywords related to your business, and for location, put New York, NY. <--- New York has the most listings, and therefore gets the most exposture.

    2) Twellow - <--- This is by far my favourite. Simply add yourself, buy registering with your twitter email. You can then put yourself under as many categories as you like. This is one of the most popular directories, so you will see results.

    Just Tweet It - this 3rd Twitter directory is the most complicated to join. Register at Just Tweet it by giving a username and email address, to which you?ll be sent a password and a link to a Profile editor page (WordPress bloggers will recognize it) where you can fill in some more personal information and choose a new password if you like. Once that?s done, head on back to the homepage to add yourself to a category from the dropdown menu at the top. For each category, you need to enter a short bio (and it doesn?t need to be the same text each category, important for the multi-niche personal brand), then click ?send?. You can add yourself to a maximum of 5 categories.

    Under these three directories, you will see an increasing in your followers daily. The followers will not be random, but ones that are genuinely interested in your service. Please post feedbacks, or any questions you have.
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