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    I have many real estate clients who are interested in dominating the front page of google on real estate related keywords specific to geographic areas.

    Example: Philadelphia Homes

    Here's our process and we are hiring help for almost all of these things:

    Step #1. We've developed huge keyword lists and segmented them into logical groups i.e. "Philadelphia Home, Philadelphia Homes, Philadelphia Homes for Sale" vs. "Philadelphia Real Estate Agent, Philadelphia Real Estate Agents, Philadelphia Realtors."

    Step #2. HIRING! We need "SEO optimized unique 'Articles'" for approximately 50 of these groups per geographic area. We've received quotes from freelancers from $1.50/article to $10/article. Interested? PM me.

    Step #3. HIRING! These articles really need to be created as Anchor/Key SEO pages in our Wordpress websites. This means that someone needs to put them into Wordpress pages or posts, use the SEO-All-in-One plugin to customize the title, description to fit the article. Proper internal linking structure and use of Wordpress Autolinking plugins might be required.

    Step #4. We use a plugin called RSSBomber which gives each page or post its OWN RSS feed[/B] which can be emailed to a freelancer who then uses ContenBuzz or another directory submitter software to send it to RSS directories (even though most are of dubious value.) We may develop a plugin that will do this. HIRING 1 or 2 people here for real basic stuff or plugin programming. I'm interested in what some of the experts on this forum think about this strategy.

    ****I really don't mean for this to be about "Account Creation." I'm just trying to give a comprehensive picture of the system we are developing.*****

    Step #5. HIRING! We hire someone to use ContentBuzz to set up social profiles optimized for whatever keyword we are targeting for EACH group of keywords. Ouch! big *semi-automated task* which needs someone with a brain to make them look appropriate so this is partially a writing job.

    Step #6. HIRING! Hopefully the same person, then launches a content distribution and social bookmarking campaign. Again, this requires someone who can write appropriate Spyntax for Keyword rich titles, descriptions, etc... It'd be helpful for us to have a person to create stupid 30 second How To Videos with slides converted to video.

    .........And now that I've joined here.......

    We'd probably hire one or more people for their (a) Traffic Services to increase Alexa rankings, (b) Blog Comment posting backlinks using Scrapebox, and (c) Xrumer forum posting.

    It's really great to see service providers here being so highly recommended. I can't usually trust the recommendations on oDesk.

    We are also doing some really interesting Grey-Hat SEO work optimizing listing data from Google Base...and I'm always on the lookout for people with creative SEO strategies and talents to review our SEO plans or assist in the implementation of them.

    Ideally, I'd like to have a team of about 10 people doing different things, full-time, that I could rely on.

    PM me with your thoughts and/or if you are interested in this kind of work.

    PS: I also have clients in the Financial Services, Disaster Planning, Mortgage/Lending, and Real Estate Internet Marketing industries who need similar people for their similar processes.
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    Please check your PM for all details. Thanks
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    Please check your PM for details .