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Ready to go offside beaten paths, anyone?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by somegal, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. somegal

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    Jul 19, 2013
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    Hello All! :) My Website is registrated in Mexico, to avoid US-laws regarding certain material (most of our Members/visitors come from US or Europe though), and is currently the latest Hype in the Scene! We went from some ranking-no. 13,5M upto most recently about 410.000 on Alexa, and from an estimated worth of 1$ to a current average between 5-10K$ - with peeks upto 150.000$ ! All in the time since early July of this year, when we started - to my knowledge thats Internet-record!
    We try to avoid worn-offs paths, and present us a little different - mixture of Adult- and Fun&game-page, open Discussion-fores without Censorship and many more Features! All this done by a handful of non-syndicated, semi-amateur Folks who love :-* the Issue, and dont only look on the Biz-aspect! This also says, that we can need some Affiliates, now that we entered the Big Leagues without even realizing we're getting there - so im looking out here now, for some courageous Folks ready to invest on a fresh, promising Site offside the mainstreets! :cool:
    Your Banner/Links on our HP..? Traffic-exchange, pay-per-visitors?! We're open for ur Suggestions on the how-to! PMs welcome - now im anxious to your Reactions..! :nervous: