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    I was recently going to build some landing pages to promote my Internet Marketing business. I was going to use keywords within new domain names to do this. Can anyone advise me to weather this is a good idea?.
    I was not going to use it to mislead customers but simply as a way to get them to main site where I would be offering the services and products they were searching for?

    Or can I go for general keyword about IM ,make money online ..etc which domain you use to build your list in IM niche

    Anyone?s help and feedback would be welcomed.

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    Well, of course having the keyword as your domain name helps. Exact match domains help ranking a lot.
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    Great question here. The answer is yes, it can be a good idea to use a target keyword as your root URL or in the URI. However if you use a keyword in your root URL, it should be in line with your businesses branding goals. While URI's may not matter as much for branding, you would want to consider the branding vs SEO tradeoffs for using a keyword in your domain. For example if getting your company name well-known online is more important than having a target keyword as your root domain, then you should opt for the former. If you have other more effective means of branding or you sell a commodity, it may be appropriate to have a target keyword as your root domain (i.e.

    If you do decide to use a keyword in your root domain, make sure it's the most important one for you to rank for and that it will be for some time to come. For example a milk manufacturer may do ok by choosing however someone more diversified in their business activities may want to just stick with a branded TLD i.e.

    These articles speak more on this topic,

    Good luck with your web marketing business!
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    Why do every one calls internet marketing business?