Read this before you buy that domain (noob advice)

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    This thread is for newer people but I would like to see some experts chime in as well with advice.

    One of the best things you can do after reading a while on this forum is to take action. Win, lose, or draw does not matter cause you will gain valuable experience regardless of the outcome and hopefully learn from your mistakes.

    One mistake that I have seen over and over again involves buying a domain after improper keyword research using the google keyword tool.

    Now I am not going to go into any elaborate keyword research strategies. I just wanna point out where most people fuck up (I did it myself when I first started). Hopefully you won't fuck up like I did.

    Now look at the image below for a few seconds and I will explain a thing or two.


    The left side of the screen under "match types" shows the [exact] box checked. (see the arrow)... I had to manually change this from the default setting of "broad" to get the results that I want.

    Googles keyword tool by default has the "broad" box checked and you must uncheck that and tick the [exact] box to get proper results for your keyword.

    WHY?... If you need to know why, ask in the thread and I or someone else will explain in more detail.

    Next... Look to the right of that arrow and see the red circle around the search volume of 90,500. This is the "local search volume" and is the most important number you are looking for. It is the monthly searches by people in the U.S.

    The number to the left "246,000" is the global monthly searches which includes all countries including our target country of the U.S....Our goal is to target U.S. visitors?... So ignore that.

    This does not apply in all situations:

    Last of all... If you noticed my search term is "santa claus"

    How the fuck does "santa claus" get searched 90,000 times a month when he only shows up once a year? My guess is that it gets searched about a million times during the month of December and google averages it out to monthly searches.

    That is a seasonal term and if you use google insights you can get a better idea of when the search terms are more popular as well as what countries search for them more. This will also tell you whether or not it is an evergreen keyword.

    An "evergreen" keyword is something that is searched year round. "weight loss" and "car insurance" would be evergreen keywords. "Santa Claus" and "Easter bunny" are seasonal.

    There are several good keyword research threads on this forum. I posted this to help the newer people avoid making the common mistakes that may be left out or less emphasized in some of those tutorials.

    Hopefully you will consider these things before shelling out cash for that new domain.
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