READ THIS before asking how much your site is worth

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    Hey guys,

    Just browsed through the (already an extremely high) number of "how much my site is worth?" threads over here and saw the need to post this.

    If you actually want us to give you a figure that resembles realism then it's an absolute must that you include AT LEAST the following about your site:

    • How much traffic is it getting monthly and how stable has it been?
    • How much revenue is your site generating monthly and how stable has it been?
    • What are the maintenance costs of the site?
    • Is the content/design unique or not?

    Quite obviously, the more information you include the better, but the above list is the absolute minimum for a realistic quote. "How much can I get for my 3-months old" simply isn't gonna cut it.

    Ah, and let's try and keep the 'how much is it worth?' posts within this thread (click) ;)

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