[READ!] New YouTube Changes Are Coming (Views, Likes, Comments, Partnership...etc.)

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    Unconfirmed Changes on the Likes:

    - There's a freeze point at 499 Likes, Youtube stops and a bot verifies that all likes are genuine.

    - Likes & Favorites are now 5x more strict.

    - Voting on comments all go through deep clarification after 50 thumbs up.

    Unconfimed Changes on the Comments:

    - New changes are coming starting the week of April 9th for the comments on Youtube videos. It's still uncertain what type of changes will be done.

    Confirmed Changes on Partnership, Accounts & Monetization:

    - NEW! Promotion Feature: Youtube has launched a new promotion feature which allows for more deep advertising of your videos even outside of the Youtube website to attract more viewers to your videos. The feature is now made available on your settings on the left tab.

    Now.. The New Changes to the View System:

    (Updated: 04/06/2012)

    - New changes are supposebly coming to the view system starting April 11th 2012 which falls on a Wednesday. I don't know what the changes are, hopefully there's some good news in all of this.

    Effects To Us:

    - I can only deliver a max of 400 Likes on my videos and then the likes stop coming in. I don't know if anybody has this problem?

    - My friend said he bought a 1,200 Likes on Youtube video gig on Fiverr and the seller said he only could deliver about 379 likes max.

    - Comments are getting harder to get verified as Legit comments and not spam.

    - I don't know if there's any effects on views right now, But if there are please keep us informed!

    If anybody has any new information, please share to keep this thread updated. Thank you.
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