Reached 1.000 Subscribers after more than a year need help!

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    Hey guys,

    I have had my Youtube Channel for quite some time now. Recently I reached 1000 subscribers on my channel. I upload content regular and have been uploading daily now for the past 40 something days.

    Total views on my channel are around 85k with a total of 149 videos but I must add that one of my videos was quite popular with around 35.000 views. So you see my other videos are under performing.

    I know that many of my older videos have bad SEO/Keyword research but recently I have tried to improve that using tubebuddy. I will say it is hard to choose a keyword being a daily vlogger.

    I put a lot of work in my content and need to increase my views and then of course my subscribers.

    Can somebody please help me with some advice for daily vloggers/youtubers. I have seen many channels take off fast from around 3k growing to 100k within 6 months.

    What am I not seeing - will going back and redoing the SEO on old videos help or should I focus on the new videos entirely?

    Thank you so much in advance - Not sure it is allowed or wise to post my channel here - I don't want to look spammy I just really need help.
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    I think YouTube really wants to see weekly uploads. Some will do 2 a week. Daily is somewhat unnecessary at times, but I guess it depends what you're uploading.

    I used to upload once a month or every 2 months and I just reached 403 subs, 242,000 views, 573,187 watchtime. So yeah, my subs suck.

    Started in 2014, so yeah about a year and a half for me as well.

    Without actually looking at your channel or analytics I could make some suggestions that really work for my channel.

    1) I have a blog that I write an article for, and embed the video in to help it along.

    2) I post the videos to Reddit articles, forum threads, and Yahoo questions.

    3) Being cutting edge helps a ton. Pay attention to popular trends/news (not specifically in YouTube). Real example: Let's say GameStop is in the news about not being fair to employees, and you used to work for GameStop 10 years ago. Make a vlog about when you used to work for GameStop and how crappy it was. BOOM instant views/subs.

    4) Doing collabs with more popular YouTube channels can help. Help their YouTube channel, be a regular commentator. If they respond to your comments and are active in their community you can ask if they would like to do a collab. You upload your video, they upload their video and at the end you promote each other's channels.

    5) A unique logo or font with your video thumbnails that people can easily identify your channel with.

    6) Using annotations and cards asking to subscribe or watch a similar video.

    That's about it, I hope this helps you! Good luck.
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    Are you sure those views are natural views not bought? Just a tip If you want shortcuts with ranking, try to search and read formula for ranking fast in youtube here in the forum.

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    Hi - yes all my views are natural. I used Virool once but didn't see much in terms of results for that and I tried last week to test. thanks for the hint I will look it up now.
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    Its already been said but I'll beat the dead horse anyway.

    - Good tags/description
    - Custom Thumbnails
    - Annotations
    - Collabs
    - Consistency
    - Engagement
    - Reply to comments
    - Cross post another platforms
    - Stay on top of trends
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    How long are your videos? With the numbers you posted I'd hazard a guess and say your user retention/watch time isn't great. Are your videos too long? Are people leaving too early? Consider doing shorter videos if this is the case.