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    I need help in understanding how clickbank PAYCHECK system works.

    1. Balance Forward
    2. Credits
    3. Debits
    4. Release
    5. Allowance
    6. Payment Net Balance
    Thanks in advance
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    Balance Forward - I believe this is if you're sales don't tally up to the minimum payment amount (i.e $30 when you need $50 for a cheque). This is simply carried forward to the next two week cycle.
    Credits - The sales you've made in the last two weeks brought forward and added to your balance forward.
    Debits - Sales you have made that have resulted in a refund and therefore not brought forward to the next payment round.
    Release - The money which Clickbank holds in "allowance" has now been released and can be paid in full.
    Allowance - An amount Clickbank decides to keep back in case of refunds, this will be paid at a later date via the release function.
    Payment Net Balance - The amount of money that will actually be on the cheque or deposited into your account.

    For example -

    Balance forward - $25
    Credits - $100
    Debits - -$5
    Release - $10
    Allowance - -$10
    Payment net balance = $25+$100-$5+$10-$10= $130 sent to you.
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