RBI Mandate For Indian Credit Card Users

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    I have a Credit Card with Axis bank. Today, I received an SMS from Axis bank, stating:

    RBI Mandate Source:

    It means I will have to use my PIN with every transaction. I was like WTF ! Now, how will I be auto-rebilled for Wufoo, Aweber, and other software subscriptions? I called up my bank TWICE and they told me that there was no way to make online transactions without inserting my PIN.

    I was really worried and started doing some research online. A source says that, "PIN and CHIP" cards have no impact on Online and Phone Transactions. Source: http://capitalmind.in/2013/03/using-your-credit-card-at-foreign-sites-get-an-emv-chip-based-card/ . Although, I am still not convinced if the source is reliable.

    Credit Card users whose cards were not replaced with a "CHIP and PIN" Credit Card, who still uses a Magnetic strip were imposed a daily limit by their banks (around $800/day). Eg. of Banks: HDFC

    If you guys are worried about the recent RBI mandate for Credit Card Holders, please try to contact your bank. Please share what your bank has to say. It will be really useful to get a more clear picture on this issue.

    If you are a Non-Indian and have been using a CHIP & PIN credit card for paying online subscription fees etc., please confirm if one can continue making online transactions without inserting a PIN everytime.

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