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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Ok, I don't know if they are good or bad, here they are:
    in 7 days on adsense: 800 page views -> 9 clicks -> 1%CTR
    in 7 days on infolinks: 674 net impressions -> 13 clicks -> 2% CTR
    the website has both adsense on infolinks which means I have 3%CTR.
    revenues are low, because
    - on adsense:
    I still have to optimize the website for high CPC keywords, it is not a MNS but a wide range blog on a particular type of product, I still have to set up a proper SEO campaign (right now I am just creating 1 article about 2-3 days and submitting it to social monkey);
    - on infolinks:
    revenues are low because impression are low (few visitors around 10 a day I guess) and the more impressions you have the better they pay (eCPM)

    Traffic is completely from google, which means I still have to enter in to the social networks (and do some fake campaigns), and I am also planning to create some good videos to put on youtube since the niche is pretty nice for video things.

    some visitors stats:
    bounce back 30%
    N. of visitors from Piwik: 5-10 /day
    N. of visitors from analytics: 1-2 /day (rofl)
    N. of visitors from webmaster tools: 60-70 Clicks /day
    n. of visits awstats 150-200 /day (spider and all included)