[Rant] Don't You Hate Greedy People?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Sophie, Dec 2, 2011.

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    As some of you know I'm a big fan of Sick Submitter. I've been using it for nearly a year and never had a problem with it.

    But of course, I needed fresh profile links (I was lazy to scrape my own), more variety of backlinks and so on. So I purchased a couple of plugins and nearly most of the profile list that are being sold in Sick Submitter forum.

    So I bought some plugins from an user by the nickname Mission in the forum. Initially he promised to give constant updates on all his plugins if you were to buy from him.
    I purchased WPMUBuddy and had a pretty good success rate when I first ran it.
    But over time, the success rates begin to fall drastically. I remember I could get about 100-150 (despite he gave us a list of a few hundred WPMU blogs) successful blog submission, but later I got only like 10-15.

    I reported the issue in his thread and he kept promising that he will release a new update soon. But guess what? Instead of keeping his promise, he released a new plugin (forgot the name of it). That new plugin was a drastic failure because all the links that were produced from it were nofollow. Hence, nearly everyone demanded a refund and he did refund them back. Still, he kept promising to update the plugin, which he did not again. Then later, he kept releasing new plugins over and over again, and, without surprise, ignored to update all his older ones.

    Now here's the fuck up part. He created some sort of "special membership" area where members can forever download all his future plugins or packets for free as long as they pay the monthly "special membership fee".
    But later when newer plugins came out, he begin to charge his members instead (fortunately I didn't sign up for it). When his members started to complain why it isn't free to special members as promised, he argued that it took him "a lot of work" to do. So he just gave a discount to his members instead. BUT STILL, he broke his promise and agreement when users first registered for his special membership area. Such a greedy fuck.

    Then there's another user in that forum that provides a monthly service of delivering 1000+ links every month if you were to pay his monthly service charge. When it was first announced, he declared that he will only accept a certain number of subscribers in order to keep the forum links "un-spammed" and fresh. But weeks go by and he just let any user register for his monthly subscription. When someone brought it up, he suddenly argued that he wanted that certain number of subscribers to give him a constant flow of income. But due to some subscribers paying lesser for lesser links, he couldn't get his wish. So, he increased the number of subscribers.
    But if you were to search the forum and read his thread, it is STILL open till this day (it's been open for months now).

    But don't get me wrong.. not all sellers in Sick Marketing forum are like that. 1BuckPLR is one of the best sellers there whom keeps updating his plugins and so forth.

    So all I can say is, Sick Submitter is an awesome software but beware of the sellers in their forum. Some of them are just pure blood-suckers.
    And these blood-suckers really piss me off. I just hate greedy people and people who go against their words.
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    thanks for a word out.
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    Yes i hate greedy people. But with that i mean people with fortunes of like tens / hundreds of millions still gaming the system and fucking people over for more money ...

    But ye i haven't used sick submitter in about year so i have not been in the forum. Atleast last time the selling was quite unmoderated so there are most likely people selling bad products and some of the sellers are friends with admin so they can do all kind of shit ...
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    Thanks, I was thinking of purchasing Mission's packets over somebody else's but I think I'll go with the other guy now, as I know he provides regular updates and is generally more of a good guy.