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    Aug 7, 2011
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    Hello every one

    i just fount yesterday night an web site and its keyword that has an search on google keywods around 93.000 search monthly and that site has not been updated in 4 years and has very low contents but it is on the top 1 in google at exact keyword search ,

    things i did

    google lotos of backlink checker sites and opned all of them in tabs

    then ckecked that "site with 93.000 search monthly" on every backlink checer site but every one of these sites gives me results 0

    now how is that possible then i checked another program for backlinks it says 176 backlinks and its in the first posiction on google for 4 years!!!!

    how is it possible the other sites competitors are updating regularly !!!

    please some one explain:confused::confused::confused::confused: