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    I am starting a couple of new sites in a niche but this time I want a constant plan. I want you to say what you think about the plan and things I should change....

    Every day I will write one piece of a 300-400 word unique article and submit it to an article directory or make a web 2.0 property.

    The article will then be bookmarked on about 15 major bookmarking sites.
    Then I will create 10 high PR profile links to the article and bookmark these with lots of different bookmarking accounts during a period of 1 week.

    I will repeat this process every day for every site (one article a day for each site).

    Then once a week I will take all the articles/profile links/bookmarking accounts/sites and run scrapebox untill it have successfully posted on 10K blogs (with about 5-10% chance to become a link).

    And then just repeat the entire process (I will not use scrapebox on links created the last week).

    Tools I have:
    LFE (Not used in my plan but still have it)
    A forum link creator (Not as usefull as xrumer ;) )

    So now I want your opinion about the plan and what I can do better....


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