Ranking Micro Niche Sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by brooktroutballer, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Jul 21, 2013
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    How should I go about it? Most strategies seem a little too strong imo. I want to buy links and forget about it.. I just built a few and have a guy here on BHW building another. How do you guys rank sites with 10 pages or less of content?

    If you have a service to offer I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks
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    Half of the service providers on this forum are going to be contacting you telling you to buy their service, so be careful about that...

    Rank a micro niche site in the same way you would any long-term whitehat site. Get quality links that have the least chance of causing you any problems in the future (ie. getting devalued, causing you a penalty). A healthy mix of the following is what I recommend:

    5-10 Hand Made, Quality web 2.0's (use these as pumpers as well, send some links to them, you can get more blackhat with your linkbuilding to these properties)
    Niche Relevant blog comments (use brand anchors for these) and Niche Relevant blogposts
    High DA / PA Blogposts or Permanent Homepage posts (depends on your budget, potential site revenue, etc on how many of these you'll be able to get).
    PAD Submissions

    Keep your anchor profile extremely diverse. Use lots of partial match and long tails, ideally use a large list of 50-100 keywords when ordering services. Get a healthy amount of social signals as well, keep everything looking natural. Try to make the site look like a brand even though it's a micro niche site. Use a nice logo and a clean wordpress theme and your site will look better then most micro niche sites out there.
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    I would have said the same, except the 50-100 keyword list thing.

    If its a micro niche website, you need to diversify, but not go about too crazy as a little amount of quality links will get you top spot (depending on the competition of course).

    Good Luck!