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    Not sure if this belongs in here but I believe it does.

    Right now I contract with a large E-commerce investor(5 websites I do seo for) very good results with all 5 websites, newest site is ~5 months old and has ~100 keywords in top 10 with 15-20 with 3,000-22,000 [exact searches] per month. I am very comfortable ranking websites nationally/non local.

    Is there much difference ranking locally, i.e for google places? I have read some basic guides(which I believe is all one really needs) and for the most part the take away is.

    1. Do everything you can to let Google know the business is at THAT actual location. So use the same formatting for address and phone number everywhere
    2.Relevent content to that city/keyword, same as ranking for non-local keywords.

    Am I missing anything? OR Am I just assuming that ranking locally is different than ranking non-local keywords and I am just making a big deal out of nothing?:D