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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bhlon, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Most people here are focused on one or two keywords per site. Is it possible to rank very high for lots of keywords eg a ecommerce site

    Any tips on this and what i should think about?
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    Yes it is. I'm ranking with one website for 2 keywords, first has about 3.9k monthly searches and second has over 22k. I'd say it's still possible to rank for 3 - 4 keywords as well but you'll need a content rich website for those keywords as well as on-site seo + anchor texts for the keywords in backlinks. that's my opinion
    //btw my rank for the main keyword is 68 so if I'd write more articles and backlinks with anchors for the main keyword, i'm pretty sure that i'd be on the first page
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    of course but obviously it is alot tougher since alot goes into ranking for big competitive ones
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    One of my sites ranks between #3 and #10 for 7 keywords with 1000 - 20,000 searches per month. And I have another 30 keywords that rank #11 to #100 on the same site. But my niche site has over 50 articles and each article targets only 1 long tail keyword.

    I chose to make a what I call a Macro Niche site. It is a specific niche but there are dozens if not hundreds of long tail keywords that have at least 1000 searches per month in the niche.

    I was reading all the posts about the drop in rankings for the 3 - 5 page niche sites recently and having a ton of articles would give my site more authority in G's eyes. Plus I don't have to do research and write articles on dozens of different micro niches. And as a related bonus, if I want, there are several related keywords in my macro niche that would let me create related sites and use them as money pages, plus I can use them to create links to my original site.
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    You need to create sub pages that contain those other keywords. If you have a freebie website that is offering hundreds of free products. You would create pages for each product and have a keyword rich title, and content for that page. Then you would want to index that page, then backlink the shit out of that page.

    Example: You have a site called getfreeshit.com

    You have a coupon for "free Michael Jordan Glass"
    you would name the page with an extension such as: http://www.getfreeshit.com/Free-Michael-Jordan-Glass

    You would use Title H1 & H2 tags free Michael Jordan Glass
    you would then make sure to use those keywords in your description (as much as possible with out over doing it)
    you would then write articles on this subject and submit them to several article directories (making sure you link back to your site with anchor text "free Michael Jordan Glass")
    you would then comment on blogs, forums & what ever else that you do with anchor text to that page.

    Follow a few or all of these steps, you will have your site ranked for tons of keywords.
    you would
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