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    I made a system that creates content on autopilot. All I feed the system is proxies and a big list of keywords, and the content gets scraped off the internet, twisted around, and uploaded to one of the multiple websites loaded into the system. It uses a cloaking mechanism that Google doesn't detect, to load an iframe over the content with a Clickbank offer. The meta tags get filled, authors, categories, images are inserted, a youtube video is added. The page is fully SEO optimized. The only thing it lacks is offsite SEO. These sites have thousands of pages indexed in Google, all SEO optimized content around selected keywords.

    I'm looking for the person who can bring my sites and their inner pages a degree of authority to bring traffic to new levels. If you can do this, and you can bring 1 site to a decent amount of traffic, think what will happen if we simply duplicate it to a 100 sites!

    50/50 is the offer, hit me up with a PM if you think you can do this
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