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Rank Metric

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by wonsong82, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. wonsong82

    wonsong82 Registered Member

    Jan 24, 2011
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    It is my thoughts, not from an observation or any data, but see if you guys can agree on this.

    It is a known fact that you make a relevant article(B) and link to your site(A). and the article(B) gets links from relevant site(C).
    Often times people say that its important to get a link from a relevant domain.

    I argue this is not always true.

    I think LinkJuice and Ranking for keyword is two separate thing.
    Each page has its own score from google's own metric. We usually look at it with the combination of PR/DA/PA/CF/TF but who knows what.

    I think google decides keywords of the page from the pages directly linking to. (Seen some people rank well with almost no contents, but has few very high authoritative links talking about the niche)
    And rankpower is transfered no matter what (even though sender and receiver have different contents). So, it is possible to have high PR/DA/PA/CF/TF but not rank well on niche.

    For example, if page A is about a car, and gets high authority links from 10 diff pages, but all of 10 pages have no keywords relate to each other.
    Then page A gets good PR / DA / PA etc(meaning it has a good power to show up in google) but it doesnt have a specific keyword to show.

    This seem make sense because google cannot track all the keywords from all tiers for a specific page. Also it is very natural that high authoritative sites have different pages with different niches
    interlinking each other.

    This leads me an interesting thought.

    Let say I have a blog thats high authoritative about car. I create a inner page talking about book. This inner page receives a good Power from the main page but the page isnt going to rank well for its content
    because they aren't any backlinks thats talking about books. But because the page is also very authoritative, If i link this page to the money site, and few other links like this, the money site gets the rankpower & will rank well on book related niche.

    What do you think?

    - ps - it is just my thoughts, not backed from any evidence or test. You can say im noob but don't be too harsh and disrespectful :)
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  2. SEO Power

    SEO Power Elite Member

    Jul 14, 2014
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    Houston, TX
    The importance of backlink relevance is debatable, although I think it's a ranking factor that helps Google decide which backlinks are natural or not.
  3. Archemike

    Archemike Regular Member

    Jan 12, 2012
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    Of course link juice and ranking are separate. Link juice is also sort of colloquial. That's like really saying the ranking score of the links more link juice means really quality of the link which is on many things like what's the authority and timing of that link and that domains authority etc. The synergy and depth is quite impressive. Great point on authority. Page authority is very important. A lot of noobs make the mistake of linking only to the root domain and not any pages which is very bad. All page should be getting hit as well as root and the type of anchor text should have a strict ratio accordingly. Best of luck man.