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    A client called me the other day ecstatic that they are ranking in the top 10 for a long tail keyword which was good news considering I literally had just started to do off page optimization for them only a few weeks ago.

    The keyword they came up for was what I call collateral damage as the keyword was close to the keyword I was going for but just a longer tail.

    For keyword tracking I have been using SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker or the more recently SERPAttacks that was posted in the download section since it can provide the granularity of a per keyword basis. For domain level (ie. type in a domain and all of the keywords that it is ranking for come up) is SEM Rush but I'm finding it to be unreliable.

    So far, the Search box has not been my friend. Are there any tools that mimic SEM Rush but are more reliable. At this point I'll even consider a less reliable tool.

    TY in advance.
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    You can try Alexa.com or Compete.com