random ad placement to increase CTR (tutorial)

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    People always think the only way to increase earnings is by getting more traffic. Obviously the more traffic you get, the more you gonna earn, but people often neglect their CTR.

    Think about it this way, is it easier to double your traffic, or to double your CTR?

    Here is my little script which will help (hopefully) increase your CTR
    What it does is randomly move around page elements, such as adverts, navbars, even text, every time the page refreshes.

    First up, create a new php file and call it random.php
    Include this page in the places you want the content to be random on your page, like this:

    <?php include('random.php'); ?>

    now, in the random.php file put in: (dont forget you <?php and ?> tags)

    $random= rand(1,10);

    this creates a random number called $random which is between 1 and 10

    now use a php switch statement to decide which pages to display, like this:

    switch ($random)

    case 1:

    case 2:

    case 3:



    Now just create the pages (advert1.php, content1.php etc..) which will be randomly switched everytime the page loads. You need to make a few different pages to have more than one of these blocks on your page, otherwise all of them will display the same thing (if you include the same page), as in make another one exactly the same but called random2.php and include that on the page as well

    I have been using this on one of my sites and have seen a big increase in CTR, so hopefully it can bring you the same result.

    As always, gimme a shout if you need help with anything