Raking it in from neverblue.....but Not yet Mine

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Aizen uchiha, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Dec 29, 2010
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    Hi ya'll.....lost my old BHW password/acc...so i created a new one to post

    Anyways....i've managed to earn up to 9k from neverblue this month after posting countless youtube vids. However...since this is my best figure so far from any network.....i'm starting to suffer from intense paranoia from fear of any advertiser complaints against my promotional tactics as i'm doing everything the legit way....

    I've reviewed all terms and conditions over and over to make sure i'm in perfect standing with the promotional methods for each campaign vertical.............Then after contacting my AM..........he told me that affiliates are not supposed to mask links at any instant which i think is total B.S as thousands do it

    All i did was buy domain name from godaddy and forwarded it my cpa offers......so why isn't it allowed when it says nothing of it in the aggreement section

    i've gotten paid several times by them using the same method.......only my AM thinks affiliates must not use domain forwarding to link to offers when it clearly states nothing of it with respect to niches i'm pushing traffic to.

    Any opinions and suggestions is welcomed
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    thousands of people pirate movies too... that doesn't make it legal. if a network wants to terminate you they will find any loophole to do it. if your leads convert you have nothing to worry about.