R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

So very sad. May he rest in peace. He was very successful and his family should be proud of what he has all accomplished.
This thread went to garbage faster than anticipated. It must still be Spring Break for the children.

Interesting fact about Hawking was that, for over 30 years, he held the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. What is astounding about this is that, much like his book of the same name, he was on the shoulders of giants. Other holders of this prestigious position were Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Joseph Larmor, and the creator of the computer Charles Babbage.

Whether you hold a similar belief system to someone or not, that should never be a reason to wish ill upon the dead. Especially someone who made such an incredible contribution to the world, and brought physics into the mainstream. Hawking was a visionary and a revolutionary, and did more for the world with only the ability to twitch his cheek than the rest of us will do in our lifetimes.

It must be nice talking shit and making jokes about a worldwide, lifelong success from atop your pillars of mediocrity.

Hawking also brought incredible awareness to ALS, an absolutely crippling disease whose largest cause of death is suicide. May he Rest In Peace, onward to Valhalla.

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As a believer or...kinda positive agnostic I'm very sorry for the loss of one of our greatest minds. I mean ok he said that there was literally 'nothing' before the big bang and im not saying big bang was an act of god or a superior spiritual thing, but 'nothing' doesn't seem like an explanation. Anyway, go a light month away and look back with a telescope and you'll find him and a bunch of others still alive.
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