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    As a relatively new bher, i am having a slightly difficult time putting together all the pieces of what i need to do to be ridiculously successful. like most, ive made a few hundred ewhoring, but it quickly comes to an end when shit like your IP gets banned etc.

    can some you vets help guys like me, at least get from 0-45, so we can make sure we're set up properly to get to 60, and then 100.

    things Ive picked up along the way, but haven't completely digested are (and correct me if im wrong:

    1. clean cookies often! if a site bans your account and you re register, they can easily spot you by your cookies
    therefore we need something that will help with this. is setting firefox to auto-clear cookies on exit good enough? Ive heard of something called
    cookie crumbler ? Do we need this?

    2. proxy / ip switchers. obviously this is a must, especially if you're not in NA and want to spam CL. what are you guys doing for proxies? manually entering it in your browser connection configuration? going to a proxy-portal type site? or do you have a 3rd party app like hide my ip?

    3. email scrapers. for when you get 1000s of replies and want a way to manage your lists. ive seen a gmail scraper, but it costs. is there any free way that anyone can think of for keeping emails? even low tech way like downloading them into some mail client like outlook or thunderbird, and adding the sender addresses to your contact list, then exporting them to csv? especially if you can set up multiple accounts in the 1 mail client, and be able to export sender addresses in groups, depending on which email address they sent their message to.

    4. auto responders / timed auto responders. what does everyone recommend for this? anything that plugs in to gmail? anything that will work with your email client?
    even like low tech shit like
    a. set up the auto responder in your outlook.
    b. download all the messages
    c. unplug your internet connection
    d. let the auto responses build up in the outbox.
    e. an hour later, plug your cable back in, and watch them all leave your outbox

    thats all i can think of for now. i can update this post with any helpful info people reply with, or add to the list of tools
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    Google anonymizer, don't let that spying network track you.