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    I am trying to apply for adsense I've made several sites already and they keep denying me even though I am making well built sites with many textual content posts. Every time they do it I'm just going to make a bigger site so I was wondering if there was a way to convert copied content to that they won't see that it was copied from another site. I'm posting book reviews (taken from other sites) I know I can hand edit them but it would take a very long time and the last time I did this it didn't work.

    I was looking for something like a text translator but it would automatically replace certain words with other random words with similar meaning.

    I've been approved by google a few months ago with another account and they accepted me with a zero content site, easily. It appears they got more strict recently.
    This account is not in my original name email site or home address so this should not be the problem. Would it be that they see my original IP address and denying me? I can't see any other reason. IP is dynamic but I'm still with the same ISP.

    I've tried blogger, other web layouts, made my own layouts as well.
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    too bad you didnt get any responses
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    One thing you may want to try is to go to a friends house, set up everything from their computer and try applying again. This worked for someone I knew.