[Quickie] Trouble Gaining Stability

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    Hello All,

    I am a web designer and a writer by profession and by choice. I don't have a stable job, since I work from home (medical reasons). In order to earn more, live a good life - I chose freelancing. But, keeping in mind there are so many good designers out there with awesome portfolio and dirt cheap rates. I find it very difficult to stabilize my income, my availability and damn, everything!

    In order to match up the competition, I decided to give low rates too still there are some days with no work at all. Is this a common phenomenon? If no, how to gain stability in this business without losing too much on rates since I have costs and a family to live upto.

    All you Bhw'ers are great and always ready to help. Kindly help me and suggest something so that I can too survive in this industry keeping a head high and live well.

    Thanks in advance,