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Quick WF Joint Venture

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by bryanon, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. bryanon

    bryanon Executive VIP

    Oct 16, 2009
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    Hey all,

    I need to quickly launch a WSO but have never gotten around to doing any actual posting at WF so I'm looking for someone who has and would want to co-operate by posting the WSO for me.

    I'll provide you with everything (the sales thread text, live answers to questions etc.) - all you need to do is post the WSO and relay my replies to questions.

    Some important qualifications:
    • You need to be up for doing it TODAY as I'm quite in a hurry with it (going for a quick holiday in 2 days time)
    • You need to have a decent postcount at WF and best if you've already done at least one WSO in the past.

    NB! To those with 30 posts and no reputation or WSO experience - please DO NOT pm me - I'm looking for someone with an established account, otherwise I could post the WSO myself

    As for money - I propose three options you can choose between:

    1) I'll cover the listing and bumping fees myself (will transfer you via PayPal) and will pay you 15% of all revenue the eBook will generate;

    2) You will cover the listing and bumping fees (at least one bump) and I'll pay you 25% of all the revenue.

    3) I'll cover the listing and bumping fees and you'll get $60 fixed fee for your trouble, regardless if the product sells or not.

    The eBook is about domain flipping and is priced at $24.

    Please PM me ASAP if interested. I'm looking to get the WSO up today at around 5pm UK time (in 2.5 hours time)