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    Hey Guys, saw your posts and you seem very knowledgeable in SEO. Want to take the smartest SEO approach for the agency I am working for. Wanted to ask you for a tip quickly.

    My plan for all clients is to a) Diversify the backlink profile with quality image submissions (inforgraphic will be created), Audio sharing sites (voice over will be created related to the company), web 2.0 profiles which look natural and spread throughout the whole domain, social shares, product listing etc.... Then I would do citations from one of the guys here. The next month build web 2.0s and teir 2 links to web 2.0s, press release and social shares and the third month get the highest quality links from huff post etc...

    My question is as follows: I use Google chrome, all our clients are on one webmaster tools account AND we are hosting a lot of the clients since we made the website.

    I want to use the same services to diversify the link profile, press release and others. Is this something safe for me to do? I am not doing anything that's "too spammy" but this is still backlinking to manipulate the search engine.

    Am I safe with this strategy or do I need to make separate WMT accounts, use a VPN and be as safe as possible even with a strategy like this?

    What is your recommendation?

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    The first thing you have to do is put every client in a separate webmaster tools account. As for Chrome, I don't know if Google does anything fishy with all the data they get from Chrome, but I don't use it so I don't care. My favorite browser is Firefox.
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